2 Dozen Marines Stand In A Long Line At A Football Game. Once They Start Marching…Stunned!

It is pretty easy to get fascinated by the sheer dedication these awesome Marines have invested so as to perfect their silent drill performance. Called the outright “best of the best of the best”, the marines have to be handpicked to ensure they present themselves as the absolute example of what being a member of the United States Marine Corps means.

The discipline, as well as professionalism of America’s brightest and best, is best shown in the performance of the famed 24-man rifle platoon as they conduct their drills with precision. Becoming its member is even harder. This is due to the requirements put in place as the squad has to possess near equal appearances, both in weight and height. The platoon is composed of males ranging between 5’11 and 6’1 in height.

The video below displays their performance at peak level. The Marines perform without a single flaw to display themselves as the best and shining light of the world. To grab the best part, ensure you don’t miss the performance at the 2:00 mark as they freeze in place like loyal statues, and t the 5:40 mark as the entire football stadium starts chanting.

The fortunate Houston Texans fans got an incredible treat seeing their performance. I doubt you will not wish to see these guys perform during the Super Bowl after seeing this video.
Please ensure sharing of this amazing and incredible silent drill performance if you adore our heroic men and women in the Military.

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