The Most Regressive Legislation in History Passed and No One Paid Attention

The Most Regressive Legislation in History Passed and No One Paid Attention

Senate Majority Leader Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is known for his strong views on how Congress should be careful when considering overhauling the health care system. McConnell once said that trying to overhaul the health care system without being transparent can hurt the American people. McConnell said that Democrats adopting this strategy would mean that they want to carry out their plans on a partisan basis. Many analysts feel that Republican hypocrisy is being ignored.

McConnell is trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act by using a strategy that goes against how the law was established during the Obama Administration. The Affordable Care Act went through a hearing and amendment process that included some changes that Republicans pushed for.

The bill that Republicans in the Senate are writing is secretive. President Trump continues to give McConnell some help as they take the attention away from Capitol Hill. Both President Trump and McConnell know that the public reaction to the potential damage in store for Americans would be very negative.

Senate Republicans are positive that their coverage destruction bill is better than the one that was previously accepted by the House. For example, while people will still be thrown off of Medicaid, the time table for this is slower. To help pay for this, the senate is prepared to make additional cuts to Medicaid in other places. The goal is clear; to go through with the tax cuts for the rich, Republicans are prepared to cancel insurance no matter how they have to do it.

McConnell hopes to take pressure off Republican senators who have pledged to protect Medicaid on behalf of their constituents. Democrats have votes against getting rid of the current law, however Republicans have the ability to stop this anti democratic process. They can demand that the bill be made public.

Democrats have to force the issue. There isn’t a lot of time left to save the Affordable Care Act. The health insurance that many Americans depend on is at stake. The end may be near.

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