Watch Ted Cruz Get Kicked Off Stage Mid-Speech

Senator Ted Cruz was unceremoniously shooed off the stage on Thursday during the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference held in Washington, DC. Cruz had just started his heartfelt speech saying how grateful he is that Hillary Clinton is not the president of the United States in June 2017. We all know Cruz did not want Clinton as president given that after losing the Republican presidential nominations last year, he threw his weight behind Trump.

Well, Cruz first thanked the audience for throwing their weight behind his presidential bid before thanking them for not choosing Clinton as president. In his short speech, or rather whatever little he could say of it, he thanked the people for their prayers, passion, time, energy, speaking out, and working to retake back America. It is at this point that he was unceremoniously cut short. Music came on and the next speaker, Virginia Galloway, was introduced to the audience. Galloway is the Faith & Freedom Coalition southern regional director. She did not waste any time before stepping on stage but responded on cue, walking to the center of the stage while giving Cruz a wide smile.

As you can imagine, Cruz was absolutely confused by the turn of events. Moments earlier, the crowd was applauding, cheering him on and within a few seconds, he was being shooed off the stage as if his presence at the conference was unwanted altogether. What could he do? The slightly embarrassed Cruz shrugged his shoulders, shook Galloway’s hand before raising his hand to wave goodbye to the audience that was still cheering him on.

Was what happened a mistake? We are not sure it was supposed to happen. If you listen to his brief speech, the senator sounds as if he was just getting started. You could even say that he was still warming up and to the audience. There is absolutely no way he could have pumped up the crowd that much only to say those few words. If not, this was definitely a well-orchestrated prank, and he managed to fool all of us. However, we highly doubt the second scenario. Is Cruz really that good that he managed to pull that one on all of us? We are definitely not giving him that much credit. After all, this is Cruz we are talking about. The same guy who has a weird bromance with President Trump. The two have been going at each other ever since the Republican presidential nomination campaigns. Of the two, who is winning the war on Twitter? President Trump seems to be hitting Cruz beneath the belt with every other tweet. Who can forget how fast their Twitter fight on whose wife is hotter spiraled out of control?

It is really, really hard to feel sorry for Cruz. If we didn’t know him any better, we might just have felt sorry for him with his sheepish look as the event’s announcer cut him off. The problem is, that’s sort of hard to do. Why? Cruz is the same guy who once preached about the evils of “New York values” then went on to support the guy who insulted his wife on Twitter, beat him in the Republican primary, and even insinuated that his father somehow had a hand in the assassination of JFK. Cruz just doesn’t build that much confidence in a person making it really hard to empathize with him. But let’s be real, if Cruz was really cut off during his speech and this was not a prank, that event announcer really messed up. Either way, many people think the event announcer is definitely a hero without a cape.

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