Trump’s Doctrine: Erase The Black Man’s Legacy

Trump’s Doctrine: Erase The Black Man’s Legacy

While still fervently supported by his base, President Trump is under widespread criticism. The majority of Americans worry about the direction his administration is taking the country. His policy positions on issues ranging from the budget to education to criminal justice reform are widely unpopular. Further, Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and the proposed travel bans caused outrage both at home and abroad. His interactions with other world leaders have embarrassed the United States and jeopardized national security.

More than mere disagreement with his political ideology, Trump’s very personality and complete lack of competence are under the most fire. He completely misunderstands what it means to be an American as shown by his ignorance or disdain for the Constitution. Perhaps most egregious, though, is his disrespect for anyone and everyone dissimilar to him. He has publicly disparaged women countless times and has a very long history of racism and discrimination, particularly involving the African American community.

For many years, Trump has spoken out against former president Barack Obama. He repeatedly challenged even Obama’s eligibility to be president. Now that he holds the office, it seems that his primary goal is to dismantle Obama’s legacy. Regardless of the efficacy of the particular program or agreement, Trump is trying to undo anything put in place by the previous administration. This includes popular programs like “Let’s Move” and “Let Girls Learn.” This show of overt racism reveals who he truly is, a small-minded, ego-driven, immature man. not fit to be leader of the free world. The two men could not be more different. Obama is the definition of presidential, a true diplomat, who demonstrates the traits that Trump lacks, humility, worldliness and intelligence. This triggers Trump’s insecurity, especially in the face of his low approval rating.

It is precisely this insecurity that drives Trump’s actions. Everything he does feeds either his ego or his pocketbook. He is using the presidential office to enhance his and his family’s personal wealth, regardless of how it affects the American people. Trump does not believe in compromise and does not understand the phrase ‘mutually beneficial.’ Through countless executive orders, Trump is trying to hide the fact that he cannot actually govern and has failed to pass any significant legislation. Instead, he forces his will and ideas on the country without regard for the consequences.

Finally, by all appearances, Trump has not realized the campaign is over. Not only has he continued to hold rallies, he also is completely focused on his base and their opinion of him. He seeks out praise through outrageous Tweets directed to his most radical supporters and seems oblivious to his abysmal approval rating throughout the rest of the country. It seems he has no intention of being president of all Americans.

One thing is clear, Trump does not plan on actually governing for the good of the United States. He has his own agenda focused on erasing his African American predecessor’s legacy, forcing policy that enriches him personally and seeking praise from his original base. Regardless of his executive orders or the opinions of his staunch supporters, Trump will never succeed in his first objective. When compared to Obama, he will always pale in comparison, and his legacy will remain intact.

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