New Approval Ratings Bear “Bigly Bad” News for Trump

New Approval Ratings Bear “Bigly Bad” News for Trump

Trump’s approval rating has once again plummeted to near historic lows, which is rare for a president that’s only been in office for a little over a hundred days. The latest wave of polls is signaling some horrifically bad news for the new president. Insanely bad numbers were collected and primed to be published before the abrupt firing of the FBI director.

It seems like the president is holding on to his loyal fanbase, but moderates and liberals aren’t buying into Donald Trump’s “presidential” figure. In fact, Obamacare’s approval ratings have recently hit record highs while the Republican party works on hashing out some inner conflict towards the bill. A poll of over a thousand voters was taken by Quinnipiac University. It unveiled that only twenty-one percent of voters approve Trumpcare while slightly over fifty percent of the voters gave it disapproval.

This latest release of numbers is starting to stack up against the new president. In fact, another poll was recently conducted by asking pollers to use a single word to define the president. The results were far more brutal than his recently released approval rating. Only two of the top ten words used to describe Trump were positive and six of the most commonly used words were brutal. In fact, the three descriptions that came to mind most in voters were idiot, liar, and incompetent.

As Donald Trump’s Administration starts taking shape, his numbers are falling lower than anyone thought possible. That’s not a good sign for a president that declared he’d drain the swamp within its first one hundred days in office. In fact, the longer Trump it takes to fulfill his promises to his supporters, the more supporters are going to turn on him.

Above all, Trump was given a majority in both the House and Senate. As the White House continues to shun Democrats, it can’t even find a way to work with its own party. This isn’t good news for a man who loves waking up and reading about himself in the paper, and things can only get worse from here. The more often the word high-treason becomes associated with the name Trump, the more unglued this unhinged president will become.

The final chapter hasn’t been written for the Trump Administration, and running a country is tough. However, things are getting even tougher for the president now that the drain pipes he’s using to “drain the swamp” appear to be clogged. Hopefully, Trump’s second hundred days in the Oval Office go a little better. However, it seems like no matter how much wishing the public does, Trump continues to retain and express the negative qualities that people identify him by.

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