Interim FBI Director Contradicts Donald Trump’s Statement on Comey

Interim FBI Director Contradicts Donald Trump’s Statement on Comey

Interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe denied assertions by the White House that FBI employees no longer believed in James Comey and that the FBI’s investigation into Russian election meddling was not a primary concern. McCabe informed members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that he still thinks highly of Comey and has respect for his abilities. Comey was recently fired by President Donald Trump, and McCabe notes that he is still supported by the FBI, regardless of the termination. McCabe believes that many FBI employees enjoyed a connection with Comey.

A spokesperson for the White House said that both The President and The FBI had lost confidence in Comey. McCabe also contradicted the statement by the White House spokesperson on the Russia investigation by saying that it is not a priority of the FBI. McCabe says that there hasn’t been a lot of effort made to stop the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the election, however he said that he would notify the Senate if the White House tried to interfere.

McCabe spoke on Capitol Hill while dealing with reports that President Trump fired Comey because he was upset about the FBI looking into whether his aides worked with Russia. Recent reports are alleging that Comey wanted more resources for the Russia investigation, and McCabe testified that the FBI had the necessary resources to complete the task. McCabe was asked by Senator Marco Rubio if the firing of Comey impacted the investigation. McCabe once again stated that the FBI continues to protect All Americans while upholding the Constitution.

McCabe’s testimony overshadowed that of other witnesses on important issues, such as the War in Afghanistan and the nuclear confrontation with North Korea. There were frequent requests to keep the discussion on how to handle the threats around the World. High Ranking Democrat Mark Warner noted that it would be difficult to ignore the timing of Comey’s firing. McCabe had a special meeting with President Trump after a White House spokesman initially said that President Trump would not speak with him about the FBI following Comey’s firing.

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