James Comey’s Firing Is a Glaring Moment of Truth for the GOP

James Comey’s Firing Is a Glaring Moment of Truth for the GOP

Over the last few years, the Grand Ole Party of the United States has been weakened, battered, ridiculed, and pretty much reduced to shambles. Even though there is a Republican President in the Oval Office and a legislative majority in both chambers of Congress, the GOP cannot seem to keep it together for many reasons.

If there ever was a time for the Republicans to come together and appeal to their constituency, that time seems to be now in the second week of May 2017. President Donald Trump has survived his first 100 days in office, a milestone that may or may not mean much given his dubious record and the weak leadership he brings to the party that often acted as his enemy during the election to succeed former President Barack Obama.

The bizarre termination of former FBI Director James Comey has been one of the most puzzling moments in the history of the U.S. White House; however, this is not a time for GOP leaders to simply shake their heads and wonder what is happening in the strange mind of the President. The time has come for Republicans to focus on what really matters, and this means making sure that the next FBI Director is not a hack, a “yes man” or a decoy planted by the White House under the orders of the President.

The Democratic Party is not buying the feeble explanations being given by the White House Deputy Press Secretary as to why James Comey was terminated; there is no need for this because the outlandish letter signed by President Trump explains everything. A day after the strange firing, Trump said something to the effect that Comey was not doing a good job, and he said it after meeting with a Russian foreign minister behind closed doors.

Republicans who allow a hack to be appointed as the next FBI Director, who will be expected to continue the ongoing investigation about Russian meddling in the elections to favor Trump, will fail their own party and their people. Senators Ben Sasse and John McCain, respected bastions of the Republican party, should step up to the plate and stand up for those who have voted for them over the years.

Obstruction of justice is not something to be taken lightly, and it is not something that the GOP should allow. This could be the Republican Party’s most decisive moment ever since Abraham Lincoln was elected to change the course of American history.

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