Jimmy Kimmel: ‘I apologize for saying children should have healthcare’

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who last week ranted about the state of healthcare and made an emotional plea to Congress, has become a target of those who object to Hollywood types discussing important issues.

The rant, which went viral, was about Kimmel’s baby son, who was born with a life-threatening heart problem. The baby had to have immediate surgery, the first of several operations he will need throughout his life. Kimmel’s plea asked Congress to not roll back the Affordable Care Act, which provided coverage for pre-existing conditions, because parents should never have to choose between saving their child’s life and remaining financially stable.

One week later, Kimmel looked back on his monlogue and said that Republicans heard his passionate words and saved health care for millions of Americans. Switching to a satirical tone, he added that he did not save health care because the vote went against it, and he should pay more attention to the news.

The comedian showed the audience a video of his son, who is currently doing well. After thanking everyone who showed support, he called out the Washington Times and New York Post newspapers that both labeled him an elitist, Hollywood creep. Kimmel said he grew up poor, and that it was always his dream to be an elitist, Hollywood creep.

He concluded with a satirical apology for asking that America’s children have the health care they need, and he was sincerely sorry for being offensive and insensitive. He added that he hoped he would be forgiven.

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