Child Lost 75% Of His Vision Due To A Small “Toy” That Is In Every Household

Child Lost 75% Of His Vision Due To A Small “Toy” That Is In Every Household

Australian optometrists are warning parents about laser pointers. They are not toys and can result in serious injuries. A 14-year-old boy lost 75 percent of his vision because of a laser pointer. He pointed the laser at his eye for a short amount of time. The laser burned his retina. The boy did not experience any pain after the incident. However, he immediately started to lose his vision.

The doctors stated that once the swelling goes down, he should get back some of his vision. However, in some cases, this damage can be irreversible. There is no way to correct the problem. Even if a person wears glasses, it still will not help the vision.

The macula is the part of the eye that was damaged by the laser. It is a part of the cornea. The macula helps focus your vision. It also allows you to see things in detail. That is why if the macula is damaged, then permanent vision damage can result.

Ben Armitige is the optometrist who treated the 14-year-old boy. He stated that the boy admitted to shining the laser directly in his eye. Ben has stated that people should not allow their children to play with lasers. He has also stated that people should share this information with their family members and friends.

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