America’s Dishonest President

America’s Dishonest President

This previous presidential election was one of the most demoralizing competitions in recent memory. At the very beginning, the idea of Donald Trump running for presidency was met with disdain and laughter. However, as Trump’s campaign developed a theme of vitriol and lies, the situation became much more palpable. The scenario greatly worsened as Trump secured the nomination for the Republican Party and set his sights on defeating Hillary Clinton. The citizens of the United States were continually shocked by the narcissistic and irascible behavior exhibited by a presidential candidate. From false claims to racially insensitive statements, Trump fueled his campaign by hatred and fear.

In the end, Donald Trump ended up winning the presidency. As negative and harmful as his election had been, it pales in comparison to his first few months in office. Since his inauguration, President Trump has continued his obsession with disguising falsehoods as truths and leaving his impulses unchecked. Many Americans were hoping that Trump’s advisors and cabinet members would at least keep his unpredictable behavior somewhat at bay. It was also hoped that all of Trump’s grandiosity would be all talk and no action. Unfortunately, Trump has proven that he intends to follow through on his convictions.

He has taken major government action that has the real possibility to harm the environment, tear families apart, threaten the education system and strain international relationships. Perhaps the most destructive of Trump’s efforts has been to bar the entrance of citizens from Muslim majority nations into the United States. Fortunately, Trump has tried and failed twice to pass this immigration ban due to its unconstitutionality. These attempted immigration bans along with the deportations that Trump is pushing for has the harmful effect of tearing families apart. Furthermore, many of these individuals are citizens or green-card holders. Additionally, Trump’s scandalous relationship with Russia and his disregard for international agreements puts the U.S. in jeopardy of estranged international relationships.

As scary and harmful as these executive orders have been, the most destructive part of this equation remains Trump himself. This is the same man that has repeatedly questioned the authority and integrity of the United States government itself. Even before he became politically active, Trump made a name for himself by questioning the validity of Obama’s citizenship. Even after winning the election, Trump called into question the validity of the counting process. Perhaps most disturbingly, Trump continues to repress certain portions of the media by demeaning their value and refusing access to some events.

As the president of a nation that proudly stands for freedom and democracy, Trump’s behavior and decisions have continuously stood as an antithesis to this deeply held ideal. Three deeply disturbing themes seem to persist in Trump’s behavior. First and foremost, he continuously exhibits a shortage of respect. As an individual who thinks, speaks and behaves very narcissistically, this is an inevitable characteristic of Trump. This lack of respect is indiscriminate and is geared towards individuals, racial groups, governments, agencies, the media and more. This lack of respect seems to extend from a place of equally extreme insecurity and grandiosity.

The area where Trump’s lack of respect is especially alarming is in regards to reality. Ever since his first political endeavor where he openly questioned Obama’s citizenship despite proof supporting the contrary, Trump has never been afraid to disregard the truth. Not only does this make discourse nearly impossible or frustrating at best, it also encourages his supporters to disregard the truth. This lack of respect for the truth often translates into Trump’s support or mention of conspiracies that are unsubstantiated or flat-out untrue. He seems to latch onto the most obscure or scandalous stories that exist. Furthermore, regardless of all the scrutiny and evidence that proves otherwise, Trump has repeatedly shown that he would rather stick to his false claims rather than admit he was wrong.

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