Tomi Lahren Now an Unemployed Millennial After Being Formally Expelled From Her Old Job.

Tomi Lahren is a 24-year-old conservative journalist. She was recently fired from the network “The Blaze” for stating that she is pro-choice. She stated that she was for limited government, so people should stay out of her guns and stay out of her body. Glenn Beck, who is the owner of the “The Blaze”, recently spoke out about his decision to fire Tomi.

He stated that there is no way that a conservative could justify being pro-choice. One month prior to her getting fired, Tomi went on a rant about how the left is unable to tolerate people who have different views from them. It appears as though her former boss was also unable to tolerate her views.

People on Twitter have made fun of Tomi for getting fired. One person stated that Tomi is now one of the unemployed Millennials that she often talks about on Twitter. Another person stated that Creole voodoo is the reason that Tomi got fired.

Someone else stated that it is nice to see Tomi get fired because she is racist. One Twitter user stated that Tomi should be permanently denied. Additionally, another person asked Tomi how did she get fired on her day off.

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