Trump’s Approval Ratings Just Hit New All-Time Low

Trump’s Approval Ratings Just Hit New All-Time Low

Ever since he took office in a deeply divided nation, Donald Trump has had unusually low approval ratings for a U. S. President. Few Democrats are happy with the early days of his presidency, and now, a lot of his own supporters are beginning to drop off. This is a worrisome trend for him, especially if he is thinking of running again in four years, which he has indicated that he will do.

According to Gallup, his approval rating is now at 36 percent, which is lower than any American president has had this early in his term. His failure to pass his much-touted health care reform is the latest debacle that has caused him to lose support.

Since his inauguration, the biggest drops have come from those who voted for him. Several key demographics, including those without a college degree and poor white men, show a significant erosion of trust in the president.

Granted, polls often are not a true reflection of the beliefs of a nation’s citizens, and there are some polls that show his numbers being higher. Nonetheless, by any measure, Donald Trump is less popular than most presidents have been in their first hundred days in office.

If he wants to avoid leaving a legacy of disaster, he will need to seriously reconsider his behavior and decisions and demonstrate willingness to take advice from those whose experience and wisdom exceeds his own.

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