Jimmy Kimmel Discovered One Of Trump’s Most Annoying Quirk

President Donald Trump has a lot of peculiar habits that have given pause to many Americans and people around the world. For instance, his tendency to rant on Twitter about petty grievances has appalled many, as it seems to indicate a disturbing lack of maturity. For late night television host Jimmy Kimmel, it’s something less obvious that is his biggest pet peeve with the new leader of the free world.

Kimmel recently used multiple video clips to point out a peculiar anomaly. Every time Donald Trump sits down at a table or desk, he seems to have a compulsive need to push items away from him.

Perhaps this is his way of gaining control over his own environment? Whatever the reason, he has consistently swiped papers, table settings and other items away from his seat in order to clear the space.

As quirks go, it’s hardly the most egregious thing we’ve seen Donald Trump do. However, it does say something about his lack of respect and basic decorum. His pathological need to show that he is in charge of every situation in which he finds himself is a small indication of a much bigger problem. Let’s just hope that he never finds himself in a serious feud with Kim Jong Un.

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