NY Attorney General Exposes Fresh Rex Tillerson Email Scandal

NY Attorney General Exposes Fresh Rex Tillerson Email Scandal

A scandal regarding Rex Tillerson’s emails has just been exposed by New York’s Attorney General. During a probe of a fraud committed by Exxon Mobile it has been revealed that Rex Tillerson, the CEO of the oil giants company, used an alias to hide his true identity. His discussions regarding climate change were hidden with a secondary account for email.

As Secretary Of State for the United States Tillerson was involved with talks regarding climate change about the Paris accord. He used the name Wayne Tracker for approximately seven years. Tillerson’s middle name is Wayne. This alias was also used to the case judges email.

Exxon Mobile was accused of not releasing all relevant documents in the case by the Bloomberg News. A letter written to Justice Barry Ostrager and submitted in a court filing was submitted by Eric Schneiderman the Attorney General for New York. Exxon has denied their business has in any way been affected by climate change. They are now trying to shut down the probes from both Massachusetts and New York stating they have mislead their investors.

There have been over sixty separate documents produced while the case was in discovery. These documents included emails sent by Wayne Tracker and it was in no way made clear that this name was being used as an alias by Tillerson.

The connection to Wayne Tracker was discovered by Schneiderman along with his legal team. This was what led to the discovery of thousands of additional documents Exxon had withheld from both the court and the lawyers.

Email scandals seem to be becoming prevalent as the battle over email servers used by Hilary Clinton outside of the governments system happened so recently and while she held the position of Secretary of State. Even more recently the fact Vice President Mike Pence was caught using personal emails while in the position of Governor of Indiana came to light. The biggest difference is in those two particular cases there was no email alias used by either party.

While Trump was conducting his campaign for president he stated he had doubts about the scientists who claimed climate change was being caused by human beings. Once Tillerson had been selected as the new Secretary of State he made a statement to Senators while at his confirmation that although he believed climate change was a reality it was in no way to be considered an imminent threat.

In addition to Exxon’s attempts to put a stop to the state probes the House Of Representatives is also disputing the investigation. Lamar Smith is the representative from Texas and claims the state probes are not proper since they are trying to silence the scientists in disagreement with the idea that human beings are responsible for the changes in climate.

All of these revelations have occurred while Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency is claiming carbon dioxide is not responsible for climate changes. There is incredibly strong evidence found by scientists that this is a major factor.

The fact that there are over forty unfilled positions for scientists in the government that Trump has not filled has also been disclosed. This is partially because Trump disputes their views regarding climate change.

Schneiderman has made a statement that the big oil companies will not put a stop to the state probes or the deniers regarding climate change despite the pressure from the Republicans in Congress.

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