Forget Your Old Fish Tank – Make Room For The JellyTank!

Although fish make popular pets, nothing is more entertaining than watching a jellyfish as it floats gracefully and delicately through the water. As beautiful as they are, jellyfish are too fragile to toss in any old fish tank. Until now, there has been no safe, easy way to display jellyfish and enjoy them as pets.

Fortunately, a new tank has been invented – and successfully funded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign – that allows owners to safely house jellyfish as pets.

Forget Your Old Fish Tank – Make Room For The JellyTank!

The revolutionary tank, known as the JellyTank, is designed to make jellyfish feel secure and comfortable in your home. According to the company, “Our team of jellyfish experts have done extensive research on creating the best jellyfish tank that is user-friendly and easy to maintain”. This high level of research has created a tank that “allows jellyfish to thrive” and stay completely safe. The tank is formulated with a “laminar water flow pattern which mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish.”

The project surpassed its original Kickstarter goal, but you can still show your support for the project by pre-ordering a tank. It is estimated that the innovative tanks will ship as soon as May of this year.

The tank, which retails at just under $200, is still available (for 15 fortunate people) that can purchase a deal that includes a $175 tank and starter kit. You can also buy jellyfish directly from the JellyTank website for between $20 and $50 depending on the size of the creature.

Forget Your Old Fish Tank – Make Room For The JellyTank!

The tank – featuring a streamlined, elegant design – is available in two colors: black or white. It also includes LED lighting that allows you to illuminate the jellyfish in any color you choose. For the ultimate experience in relaxation, consider choosing a calming blue shade for your jellyfish. Forget meditating or listening to waves crashing on the beach, watching these creatures floating effortlessly is an excellent form of stress relief.

Excuse the pun, but this invention basically blows regular fish tanks out of the water.

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