Mr. President: ‘Just who the hell do you think you are?’

Mr. President: ‘Just who the hell do you think you are?’

On Valentine’s Day, Leonard Pitts released a message to the president. But this missive, however, was anything but a love letter. Titled “Mr. President: Just Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?”, it was fairly obvious at the outset that Pitts had some extreme reservations about the way in which Mr. Trump has been governing. Starting off with a bruising commentary about the way in which Trump was elected—by soliciting the assistance of FBI Director James Comes and Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin—Pitts goes on to list even more questionable actions that have occurred.

Pitts points out that Trump seems to be unacquainted with the actual role of the president, which is not to act as a supreme leader but to govern in accordance with the Constitution. Referring to Trump and his cabal as the Fourth Reich, Pitts goes on to eviscerate the former reality star’s disregard for the laws of the land, as well as that of his right-hand man Steve Bannon.

Pitts also refers to recent comments made by another Trump associate, Stephen Miller. Miller, who also seems to detest the press, has made some statements that Trump’s rule should not be questioned. As Pitts points out, this in direct conflict with the desires of our country’s founding fathers, who created a nation that would govern according to laws—and promote free speech. Pointing out the fact that Donald Trump has emboldened trolls all across the country—and even the world—Pitts refers to the system of checks and balances that were put in place over two hundred years ago—specifically to stop a tyrant like Trump.

Pitts also clears up any confusion Trump may have about the position to which he has been elevated. The president, he clarifies, is a public servant, which is the direct opposite of the position that Trump has held for most of his life. Instead of serving as the CEO, he is now effectively an employee with over 300 million bosses. And, if Pitts’ outrage is any indication of how Trump’s performance review would go, it’s definitely not glowing right now.

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