He Sends a Blunt Note The Neighbors Who Won’t Shut Up

Many of us have had bad neighbors who made too much noise. While some of us just ignored bad neighbors, one man decided that he was going to do something about it. He wrote a note to his neighbors. He stated that he is tired of hearing them make noise early in the morning. He also stated that the neighbors needed to calm the noise down.

He Sends a Blunt Note The Neighbors Who Won’t Shut Up

The man went into detail about all of the noise he was tired of hearing. He stated that he knows more about his neighbor’s friends than they do. He concluded by saying that if the neighbors could not keep the noise out, then they should go move somewhere else. The man stated that other neighbors also contributed to the letter.

He decided to post the letter online. It has received some interesting comments. They commented about their own experiences with bad neighbors. One person stated that they were so fed up with dealing with the noise that they decided to move to a community where a lot of elderly people live.

They no longer have to deal with loud noise. The person concluded by saying that it was a great decision. Another person stated that the letter was a polite way of saying F*** you.

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