16-Year-Old Invents Stroller-Wheelchair So Handicapped Mother Can Wheel Her Baby Outside

Most teens who are 16 are thinking about getting their license or getting a car. One 16-year-old is concentrating on making the world a better place. When Sharina Jones was 5, she was shot and lost the use of her legs. She has been in a wheelchair ever since.

$Jones found out that she was pregnant, but she didn’t know how she would manage to take her baby out of the house while being in the wheelchair. That’s when Alden Kain stepped in to help.

Kain is a student in Detroit and came up with an idea to make a wheelchair that could help Jones take her baby outside. The chair looks like it has a stroller attached. He talked to Jones to find out exactly how she would need to use the chair and the stroller before completing the device.

There is an area where she can put a car seat with the baby inside so that she can simply roll herself and the baby along the sidewalk or in a store. There is also a small space to put a diaper bag. Now, Jones has the freedom to be like other mothers who spend time with their children outside of the home.

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