1.7 Million People Sign Petition in Britain Demanding Parliament Ban Trump From UK Visit

Donald Trump’s infamous ban on Muslims has done more than ruffle feathers around the world – it was an abhorrent disregard for American values that put airports all ver the world into a choked up frenzy. Well, lets see how the Donald like a taste of his own medicine…

One year ago,a petition demanding that Donald Trump be barred from entering the United Kingdom started gaining momentum. Today, the British people are once again asking British Parliament to prohibit Donald Trump from coming to the United Kingdom. In order for the petition to reach Parliament, it needs only to receive at least 100,000 signatures. However, the petition has received over 1.7 million signatures.

The petition stated that Trump should not be allowed to make a state visit because it would be an embarrassment to the queen. They also stated that they do not like Trump’s hate speech. No one knows whether Parliament will do what is requested in the petition.

However, even if Parliament decides to bar Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom, millions of people around the world have expressed their concern about Trump’s presidency.

The video of the members of Parliament mocking Trump has gone viral. It has also been posted on YouTube and been viewed over 22,000 times. One person stated that they love the United Kingdom because of this video. Another person stated that the United States should also ban Donald Trump. The video was posted online back in January 2016.

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