Dick Cheney: Donald Trump Is Un-American

President Trump’s recent ban on Muslims has been the source of a lot of controversy lately. Neo-Nazis applauded it and Democratic politicians condemned it. Former Vice President Dick Cheney even commented on the issue during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio talk show host.

Cheney said that a ban on one specific religion goes against everything that the United States stands for. He added that religious freedom has been an important part of the country’s history.

When asked what he thought the policy for welcoming people from other countries into the United States should be, Cheney said that a lot of people feel that their ancestors came here as Puritans and there wasn’t anyone else around when they came, but that’s a false statement.

He added that the refugee problem is a serious one and there has to be some kind of vetting process to ensure that those coming in are not affiliated with ISIS. But the better way to solve that problem is by going back and looking at why the refugees are here to begin with.

The majority of these people are in the United States because of what is happening in the Middle East, which is the result of a U.S. vacuum, the rise of ISIS, and the civil war in Syria.

Cheney added that he has seen proposals about establishing safety zones, which he thinks makes sense. These safety zones would include forces there to protect the areas where people are facing tragedy. This would help take the pressure off of the United States and Europe, where refugees are fleeing to, and Cheney thinks it makes a lot more sense than what is happening right now.

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