Conway Calls For Any Journalist Who Criticizes Trump To Be Fired

During “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump and current senior advisor to the president, Kelly Anne Conway, declared that any journalist who criticizes the president should be fired. In an added twist, the normally calm and smooth talking Conway said that the administration “knows their names” when referring to members of the media. Conway also referred to Twitter feeds from members of the media, stating they would never pass editorial muster on T.V. news programs and newspapers.

Conway came under heavy fire for a statement she made recently about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer presenting “alternative facts” related to the audience attendance at President Trump’s inauguration.

Now, Conway is contradicting herself by stating that the news and opinion of the media would never pass editorial muster. Many viewers of “Fox News Sunday” stated that they noticed Conway begin to meltdown when Wallace pressed her on her “alternative facts” comment. Conway told Wallace to start “talking less and listen more to what the American people are saying.”

Conway’s comments seem to be a direct warning from President Trump that he is keeping tabs on members of the media who are critical of his administration. Many of Trump’s biggest detractors believe that he is a narcissist who is completely incapable of handling any type of criticism that comes his way. Conway’s comments about members of the media getting fired for comments that are critical of Trump may confirm his detractor’s notions.

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