Putin Gives Strange Defense Of Trump’s Alleged Russian Hooker Scandal

Putin Gives Strange Defense Of Trump’s Alleged Russian Hooker Scandal

It was the report heard around the world. It was also a report that seemed to put Donald Trump on the defensive, causing him to lash out at Buzzfeed during a press conference. CNN also did not escape his ire, perhaps because he desperately wanted to keep the attention off of the one topic that Americans simply could not stop discussing that day—the lurid report of Trump’s activities with some Russian ladies of the night during a trip to Moscow. Containing bombshell allegations of golden showers—amongst other stories—the report was all anyone could talk about.

In response to the tale, all Trump seemed to be able to offer was that he was a “germaphobe”, making him unlikely to partake in such activities. Many Americans weighed in on this weak defense, and it wasn’t long before Vladimir Putin himself came to the aid of Donald Trump, with whom he is believed to be friendly. Putin, a master of propaganda himself, reportedly said that Americans who would dare to discuss and question these allegations were “worse than prostitutes” themselves.

After that, Putin’s bizarre statement became even more strange. He doubled down, referring to Trump’s beauty pageants and the fact that the former reality star had met some of the most “beautiful” women in the world. He said that, knowing this history, it would be odd for Trump to rush to the Moscow hotel and meet women of “loose morals”. The statement was capped off with Putin himself then sounding like Trump, as he doubled back and expressed that Russian prostitutes were the best in the world.

As far as bromances go, the relationship between Trump and Putin will be one for the books. And, with both of their tendencies to put a strange spin on the truth, this is not necessarily a good thing.

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