Trump’s Legions Of Neo-Nazis Already Threatening To Revolt Against Him

Trump’s Legions Of Neo-Nazis Already Threatening To Revolt Against Him

Throughout Donald’s Trumps campaign for presidency, he has been widely supported by various white supremacist hate groups, including the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s, but as of late, many of these initial supports have begun publicly withdrawing their support of the President-elect. Threats of revolt by some of these white supremacist groups have manifested in the form of a possible full-on revolt.

The news of a possible revolt has been attributed by Peter Brimelow, as being the result of President-elect Trump’s inability to deliver on unspecified commitments. Members of what some refer to as the “extreme right wing,” have issued a call to arms within some circles, citing this group’s history of revolt as adding to the legitimacy of their threats. The Southern Poverty Law Center has classified these white supremacist groups as “extremists,” citing their use of “Hail Trump” in reference to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The National Policy Institute, a white supremacist group, has already begun organizing in Washington, DC in order to create awareness of their agenda, and increase their following nationwide. The leader of The National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer, has been seen actively utilizing the “Hail Trump” phrase and has publicly received the Nazi salute from a myriad of supporters.

Racist thought-leaders around the country have continued to push their agenda of hate by attaching their ideologies to President-elect Trump’s vow to fight immigration and immigrants themselves with vicious and questionable tactics. Some have publicly stated that if this promise isn’t fulfilled, there will be a mutiny by his white supremacist supporters. Disorganization and infighting has somewhat stifled these hate groups’ ability to bring their racist agendas to fruition. Trump will undoubtedly have to make compromises to his proposed policies, which will not only cause dissension within these groups, but also destroy the level of unified support for the President-elect.

Hate crimes and protests have already begun to increase since President-elect Trump began making vague race related statements during his campaign. There has been a splintering effect among white supremacist thought leaders due to differing takes on Trump’s proposed policies and it is feared that some of these extremists will begin taking aim at other GOP politicians.

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