Trump’s National Defense Priorities Leaked – Expose Glaring Omission

Trump’s National Defense Priorities Leaked – Expose Glaring Omission

The more we learn about former reality star Donald Trump’s plans for his impending presidency, the more certain factions of the government become concerned about the lack of detailed plans. in fact, this criticism of Trump—regarding a lack of specificity—has been quite common since the early days of his campaign. As the weeks and months went by, however, it seemed as though there was one foreign leader that Trump was not afraid to cozy up with—Vladimir Putin.

After a publication recently obtained access to some of Trump’s alleged foreign policy objectives, it came as no surprise to some people that the new president seems to have no plans for ways in which to handle the often unpredictable Putin and his large country. While the plan emphasized a need for dealing with ISIS in a certain way, as well as beefing up cybersecurity, Russia was not mentioned at all.

For those who are familiar with American foreign policy in the past decade or so, this was seen as a huge issue. Not only has Russia been providing a safe place for former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, but there have also been serious issues with Russia’s activity in the Crimea region.

Although many leaders and diplomats regard Russia as a serious threat, it appears that Trump has not been heeding the advice of several top intelligence officials who have counseled that he keep an eye on Putin and his cronies. With so much at stake, it stands to reason that other branches of the government will need to keep a close eye on Putin if we don’t want him to gain even more control over the U.S.

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