Ellen Delivers Must-Hear Message to the America Before She Knew Who’d Win the Election

Ellen DeGeneres, one of America’s most beloved talk show hosts, always seems to know exactly how to cheer people up. With her trademark innocent and lovable humor, DeGeneres spoke to the American people about the results of the election. Shot before the official results, Ellen was not aware who had won the title of President elect. During her speech, Ellen explained that because the presidential election had been so heated and tense, much of the country has felt divided and guarded. To help mend the wounds that have been opened from the tumultuous election, DeGeneres decided to focus more on the similarities that unite us as a nation, rather than the differences that divide us.

She began by describing the election as a very passionate one. Ellen recognized that all citizens want what is best for the country, although the ideas about how to accomplish that differ greatly. Ellen then used her platform to help heal the divide that has been widened by this election. Breaking out into her lovable comedic style, Ellen began explaining all of the ways in which all Americans are similar by describing similar day to day experiences that we all share.

“We’ve all passed out watching Netflix,” Ellen begins, “woke up not knowing what episode we’re on… what season we’re on… whose couch we’re on”. Being a situation many of us are familiar with, Ellen is shedding light on the ways in which we are fundamentally the same. This experience happens to all of us, “it doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or conservative”.

Ellen continues, “No matter what your politics are, we all have that feeling of stepping out of the shower and realizing you left the towel completely across the bathroom”. She then proceeds to demonstrate the “shimmy” walk that we often do when trying to maneuver to the towel while remaining on the bathmat. Ellen also mentions the “tip-toe walk” that people do when they are trying to drop the least amount of water possible on the ground.

Weaving in and out of comedic banter and serious discussions, Ellen effectively painted a united picture of the American people. One that contrasts the divided and often controversial theme that seemed to plague the entire election. The speech was wrapped up with a clip of cute animals getting along with one another. Other than being wildly entertaining and heart-melting, Ellen showed this video to convey the message that differences don’t have to be divisive. Just as the animals in the video were able to get along, so too can we the American people. Instead of focusing on all that divides us, we must also appreciate all the ways in which we are similar. It is through this common ground that we can begin to move forward in peace. As Ellen stated, “If you take away the labels, you realize we’re far more alike than different. We have so much in common, our differences actually make us stronger.”

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