“Weird Al” Yankovich Trolls Trump With Awesome “Nasty Women” Spoof

Weird Al Yankovich just weighed in on the Presidential Election in epic style. In an auto-tuned parody engineered by YouTube superstars The Gregory Brothers, the one and only Weird Al trolls Donald Trump with footage from the final debate in B-flat minor.

The parody opens with Yankovoich playing the part of a commonsense moderator instructing the candidates that “This is it. Your last chance to make an impression. So let’s make it count.” A chorus of black-robed monks circle behind him to chant and pray as Trump’s “nasty woman” comment is set to a beat. The deplorable claim is even more disrespectful and sinister as it is repeated in the opening lines to set the tone of the song.

Yankovich’s fires through the questions in lyrical form with Trump’s “bigly” answers and references to “bad hombres” getting mocked by the musical icon. The moderator’s national security questions regarding our ability to be frenemies with our overseas adversaries and who is willing to thumb wrestle Vladmir Putin is expertly spliced with actual candidate answers. Even in this format, Clinton’s answers come across as thoughtful while Trump is still paranoid and incoherent. As the song progresses, the gates of hell open behind the moderator until ashes fly around the agitated host who asks the candidates, “Who should run the show? Tell us ‘cause we need to know.”

Those who missed the debate might find the parody enlightening as Weird Al nails Donald Trump’s ridiculous and troubling policy statements. Moreover, it’s a highly entertaining three minute highlight reel of the third debate between the candidates. It’s a must watch smack down of Trump’s absurdity that reminds us all what is at stake in this election and should be required viewing for all voters before Election Day.

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