Stepdad Sells Beloved Car to Pay for Son’s Wedding – Years Later, He’s Surprised

Kristin Russell’s stepfather, David, fell in love with her mother several years ago. David knew from the start that Kristin’s mother was the right woman for him. The two wanted to get married, but money was tight. David was forced to sell his 1973 Porsche 914 to pay for the wedding.

The car was broken down into multiple parts, and each one was sold separately. David was sad to part with his car, but he was happy to be able to afford the wedding.

Kristin was touched when she heard about the sacrifice her stepfather made. She was determined to get her stepfather another Porsche. She found out that there was an identical Porsche in Arizona. She made arrangements for the car to be transported to California. She surprised her stepfather by giving the car to him for Father’s Day.

When Dave looked at the car, he did not realize that it was his at first. Kristin told had to tell Dave that it was his car. Dave was shocked and filled with excitement.

He hugged his daughter. Someone recorded Kristin when she gave her stepfather the car. The video has been posted online. Thousands of people have been touched by this story.

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