Police Officer Arrests Black Man For Walking In A White Suburb – Race Tensions On The Rise

A controversial video has appeared online that has people outraged. Taken in Edina, Minnesota, one week ago, the video shows a black man being questioned by racist police officer for walking down a street in a white neighborhood. Despite onlookers telling the officer the man was doing nothing wrong, he was arrested without being given his rights and without being told why he was being arrested.

The incident started when the officer rolled up on the man while he was walking in the street and asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood. The man replied he was just walking and was not using the sidewalks because they were under construction. A simple enough answer for anyone who isn’t racially-phobic.

But this oppressive officer grabbed the man by his shirt, and refused to let him go. He had no right to grab the man like that, nor did he have any legitimate reason to stop him in the first place. Backup officers screeched up on the scene (because apparently one racist white cop isn’t enough to arrest a black man without reason), lights and sirens blaring and attempted to block the person who was recording the situation. The backup officer leaps from his car and tells the man he is under arrest – withoutr any background on the situation, and without any reason for it. So they clapped him in irons and threw him in their squad car.

This is the kind of racist regression that America is being poisoned by right now. Our police need to do a better job of making sure other police don’t act like this – this is unacceptable, this is deplorable, this is disgusting and un-American. This officer should be dishonorably discharged from the force and sent home with shame.

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