He Writes An Emotional Letter To The Doctors Who Cared For His Dying Wife

He Writes An Emotional Letter To The Doctors Who Cared For His Dying Wife

After doctors cared for his dying wife, a husband wrote an emotional letter to express his gratitude for the care that was provided. Most of the doctors and nurses at any hospital of medical facility, such as a Hospice location, will do whatever is possible in order to make the final days of a patient as comfortable as possible.

The patient and the family will likely go through many emotional situations during the final days that someone is alive. The nurses and other staff members are often a support system for the patient and each member of the family so that they don’t have to deal with the loss of the loved one alone.

Peter DeMarco’s wife, Laura, passed away at CHA Cambridge Hospital in Boston after she had a severe asthma attack. Even though Peter was heartbroken about the loss of his wife, he wanted to take the time to thank the nurses and doctors who made sure that Laura was taken care of with dignity.

Peter thanked everyone from the doctors to the cleaning staff who all supported him and Laura during her final seven days. Each person who came in contact with Laura and Peter made sure that they knew what was going on with treatments or that they were kept warm with blankets. They cared for Peter, Laura and the rest of the family in a way that no one else would have, and Peter wanted to write to them to give him his thanks and appreciation.

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