When Dad Dies, Family Is Devastated – Then His Dog Sneaks Out To The Grave

Many pet owners don’t know what their animals will do when they pass on, leaving the animals behind to care for themselves. Those with older animals are sometimes faced with the problems of the animal dying close to the time the owner dies.

Pets usually don’t prepare for the death of an owner as they are accustomed to being fed and having someone to care for them while they are in the home or outside.

In the event that the owner does die before the pet passes away, the pet is sometimes left to wonder where the person has gone and what will now be done in regards to how the pet is taken care of, such as feeding and safety.

It’s common for pets, especially dogs, to become depressed when an owner dies. They won’t eat, and they will tend to sleep on the owner’s bed or near the owner’s belongings.

Zozo owners took him into their home when he was a week old. His owner passed away in 2014, and since then, Zozo has been deeply saddened by the loss. The owner’s son and the dog go to the father’s grave often. The dog will lay down on top of the grave and howl while the son prays. Even if no one goes to the grave, Zozo will go to sit alone to be near where the owner is buried.

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