Mark Cuban Just Summed Up The Presidential Debate Perfectly!

Mark Cuban Just Summed Up The Presidential Debate Perfectly!

It should come as no surprise that a number of prominent public figures are criticizing Donald Trump for the maelstrom of negative attention his campaign is receiving, all of which can easily be blamed on the cringeworthy orange fellow. After the shocking audio recordings that were released the Friday before the second presidential debate, many high-ranking Republican officials pulled their earlier endorsements of the candidate, claiming he is completely unqualified to serve in the highest office of the greatest country in the world.

One of Trump’s most notable public dissenters is none other than Mark Cuban, the eccentric billionaire who seems to have a hand in every major industry in existence. During the second presidential debate that occurred on Sunday, October 9th, Cuban live tweeted his thoughts on many of Trump’s lies and general misinformation. It wasn’t difficult for the common spectator to see that Trump was losing his hold on his constituents as his behavior during the debate escalated from confused to upset to angry pacing. Many even described Trump’s behavior as something a ‘creepy uncle’ might do, especially when the Republican candidate started crowding Hillary Clinton during her time to speak by standing right over her shoulder.

Trump made numerous comments about how he wasn’t given equal time from the moderators to answer his questions, and about the level of questioning from the moderators in general. Typically, during a debate of any sort, when one of the debaters starts questioning the process or the ‘fairness’ of the debate, it means they have lost. Proper arguments aren’t formed out of a need to defend oneself against what is perceived as ‘unfair targeting’.

Cuban made this point quite clear in one tweet where he slammed the Breitbart news network for their ridiculous assertion that Trump won the debate. Of course, that particular news group has been known as a propaganda tool for the Right for quite some time, so anything they report should be taken with several grains of salt. Everyone else, especially those who understand how debates work, clearly saw Clinton as the true winner of what will undoubtedly go down in American history as the strangest presidential debate ever to occur.

While the debate gave Cuban and the rest of the country ample ammunition to throw against Trump and his constituents, one issue that Cuban noted is particularly worth paying attention to. Trump claimed that his campaign is self-funded, which is well-known to be a bald-faced lie.

According to Cuban, Donald Trump is not only not self-funded, but he also went through efforts to make sure any personal money he used in the campaign would be repaid to him. He did this by penning a letter to the campaign that forgave any and all loans he gave to the campaign during his primary run. While that may seem like a good thing, the date of the letter in question in what Cuban finds troubling.

The letter was dated as 4/23/16, but it was delivered a full month later, on 5/23/16. Trump claimed he gave upwards of $100 million to the campaign, yet his letter stated he would only forgive loans up to 4/23/16. He purposefully dated the letter a month early in order to guarantee he would be reimbursed more of ‘his’ money, all of which actually came from donors.

Trump was already found out for using campaign donations in unsavory ways back in August. He was using donations to cover expenses in his empire that had nothing to do with the campaign. This most recent discovery by Mark Cuban could be the nail in the coffin for the Trump campaign, especially if it leads to the revelation that Trump has been skimming money from the top ever since the campaign took its first donation.

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