Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Gets Sued By Feds For Racial Discrimination

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump recently chose Peter Thiel, a Republican technology business owner, as his choice to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against Thiel’s company, Palantir Technologies, based on accusations of discrimination against Asian job applicants. To complicate matters even more, Palantir is an official contractor for the NSA.

Political analysts say that Thiel was chosen by Trump because of his opposition to democracy, anti-trust laws and protections offered by the First Amendment. The discriminatory hiring practices are puzzling due to Thiel being the son of immigrants who came to America seeking tech work, and it is not clear why the mogul is backing Trump, who opposes all immigration.

Thiel was already a controversial figure before the lawsuit. Earlier in 2016, it was discovered that Thiel funded the massive lawsuit that bankrupted and broke up Gawker Media. He claimed that he did so because Gawker outed him as a homosexual.

Thiel is now in the position to prove that he did not engage in hiring discrimination, which will not bode well for his Supreme Court nomination. In addition, Trump would also have to win the election. Currently, Trump and Clinton are nearly equal in the polls with six weeks remaining until November 8.

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