After His Sister Called 911, Cops Shoot Unarmed, Mentally Disabled Black Man Having Seizure

A mentally-disabled black man was shot by the cops on September 27, 2016 after his sister made a 911 call because he was having a seizure. The man was allegedly unarmed. The incident occurred in San Diego. The police officers stated that they shot the man after having an erratic encounter with him.

The man’s name was Alfred Olango. Johnetta Elzie, who is a Black Lives Matter activist, reported that the man has died. Rumbie Mubaiwa spoke to Alfred’s sister. His sister stated that the man was 30-years-old. Ashley Matthews spoke to the police about the incident. She stated that she witnessed it. She stated that Alfred had his hands up and was shot a few times.

The incident allegedly occurred near a restaurant. The police department is reviewing the video. They have stated that the video does not show that Alfred had his hands up. The video that is being investigated was provided by a witness. The police officers did not have body cams. They have not released the name of the office who shot Alfred.

The police officers were also accused of taking the cell phones of employees who worked at a restaurant near the scene of the shooting. However, the officers have stated that they did not take any cell phones.

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