Ex-KKK Leader: “If Trump Loses, Blacks Will Kidnap And Rape White Women”

Who’s the new leader of Trump’s idiot parade? No other than the ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. He one of Trump’s biggest supporters, and his latest prediction on what will happen if Trump loses the presidential election will make you gasp.

Duke went on air at a recent radio show to spread his deplorable ideas and lies regarding what Hillary Clinton will do if she wins the election. He not only states that white America will be destroyed, but also that Black men will start to kidnap and rape white women. This assertion was not shot down by Duke’s co-host, Jay Hess, who instead added to the reviling by saying that Hillary is the “architect of white genocide.”

To quote exactly what Duke had to say if Trump loses this November: “When a person goes to the store, they go to the mall, or they drive somewhere in their car and they break down, or they stop at a traffic light and they might get hijacked, nine times out of ten it’s not gonna be some white guy hijacking their car. It’s not gonna be a white guy kidnapping them at the Walmart, right? And, you know, taking their family and slaughtering them, or robbing them or raping the women. That’s just the reality of life in this country.”

What does Trump think of all of this? It’s hard to say since he has never felt the need to separate himself from this sickening man. In fact, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pense, refused to call Duke “deplorable” on Wolf Blitzer’s show. This basically means that he’s OK with the racist hatred that Duke is spreading.

Duke was so happy with Pense that he had to stick it to Blitzer in a tweet. His grade-school jab in the ribs went as follows: “Wolf Blitzer demands that Pence call me ‘deplorable’..and he refuses. Wolfie boy, still upset that I outed you on CNN as an AIPAC AGENT?”

The future that the former Grand Wizard is portraying leaves anyone with a brain wondering who will believe this reprehensible dunce. These fear mongers don’t want anyone to do actual research about crime, which reveals that the majority of crimes are committed by white individuals with guns. That’s what Trump’s campaign is all about, though. They are confident that most of their supporters will believe whatever he says without question and never do any actual fact checking. This instance is just one more reason why Trump should never be let into the White House!

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