14-Year-Old Lured Into Van Of A Online Friend, But When I Saw The Reason, I Had To Show My Kids

YouTuber Coby Persin is quite popular for his pranks and practical jokes. However, some of his videos are designed to inspire or even shock viewers. One of his recent videos should give parents a reason to talk to their children about safety immediately. The video was released on August 10 and hit 30 million views in less than 10 days.

In the video, Persin creates a Facebook account that claims he’s a 15 year-old boy. The profile features a fake photo and information. He then contacts the parents of three young girls for permission to proceed talking to them. After a few days of chatting with each girl, he sets up a meeting between himself and the girls one-by-one.

Each meetup is a setup, though, because the parents come with Persin. A total of three fathers and one mother don’t believe that their daughters would actually show up. At each meetup, the parents are shocked to see their daughters show up. Although the parents berate and question their children, each parent shows compassion.

Without a doubt, the video is shocking to watch. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that online safety isn’t stressed enough to children, or they believe nothing bad can happen to themselves. Persin intends to release more videos with the same theme, asking parents for permission in each case. As more viewers see the video, people are starting to realize that more needs to be done to protect minors.

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