14-Year-Old Girl Makes Harsh Discovery Researching Serial Killers For Class

One British teenager is telling the world how she discovered her father’s terrifying identity four years ago. This teen, who is named Samantha Bryan, was too young to legally reveal her identity at the time this occurred. Now that she is eighteen, Miss Bryan has decided to give interviews with the British press to prove she is nothing like her biological father.

So, who was this notorious man who fathered Miss Bryan? It was none other than Ian Huntley, one of Britain’s most detested murderers in recent times.

This discovery all began when Bryan, who was fourteen at the time, was assigned at school to study a famous crime in the Grimsby area of England. On a whim, Bryan chose the name Ian Huntley from the list. She said the name meant absolutely nothing to her when she chose it.

For those who are unaware, Huntley murdered two 10-year-old girls in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in 2002. Sometimes Huntley is just called the “Soham murderer” in the UK. The two girls’ names were Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. Soon after the discovery of the victims’ bodies on August 17th, the police apprehended Huntley. Huntley, who is now 42, is currently serving two life terms at HM Prison Frankland & Long Newton Prison. Bryan was only four when Huntley committed this heinous crime.

While Miss Bryan was researching her project on Google one evening, she decided to look at a few of the images that came up using Ian Huntley’s name in the search engine. What she found shook her to the core. Bryan saw many blurry photos of both herself and her mother.

Katie Bryan, Samantha’s mother, first met Ian Huntley when she was only fifteen. They had various sexual encounters, one of which resulted in pregnancy. Huntley was 22 at the time. After Huntley started being abusive towards Katie Bryan, she ended the relationship and ended up marrying Martin Bryan. Samantha told reporters that she only considers Martin as her real father.

14-Year-Old Girl Makes Harsh Discovery Researching Serial Killers For Class

Samantha Bryan told interviewers that she wanted to reveal this story to the public to show the world that she is absolutely nothing like her biological father. She has publicly stated on numerous occasions that she denounces Huntley’s actions, and she only thinks of him as the incarnation of pure evil. Miss Bryan also said, “[Ian Huntley is] nothing more than a sperm donor” to her.

As she recounted the day she found out the true identity of her father, Miss Bryan told reporters that her heart started pounding violently and her hands started shaking. So great was the shock of this revelation that Miss Bryan couldn’t tell anyone about her discovery for two whole weeks.

Miss Bryan said that she felt paranoid at the time about having Ian Huntley’s blood in her veins. Today, however, she says she is moving on with her life and using her time in the spotlight to publicly shame her father for his evil actions.

Samantha Bryan lives with Martin and Katie in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. She hopes to work as a paramedic very soon.

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