Parents Post The Horrible Moment When Their Kids Have Go Back To School – And It’s Hilarious

When school starts back, children might not be excited about getting on the bus in the early morning hours or doing homework on a daily basis. Parents are usually quite the opposite. They are ready for a little peace and quiet in the home. They are often ready for children to go to bed early so that they can get tasks done that have been neglected over the summer.

There are quite a few pictures and posts of parents sharing their thoughts about children going back to school. One mother leaps in front of her children as they stand in a line, all with smug faces while she is laughing.

Another picture is of a man and woman enjoying what appears to be a nice breakfast and giving each other a high-five as the children get on the bus.

Some parents push their kids into the car to get them off to school while others jump for joy as their kids watch on in anguish. Mothers dance in the streets, and parents in some neighborhoods throw parties to celebrate the first day of school.

Fathers even get in on the back to school joy as they do high jumps while standing behind their children who are waiting on the steps to go to school.

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