Taco Bell Teen Makes Odd Hand Gestures At Customer. So His Boss Walks Over And Says THIS

Caleb Francis, 18, figured at some point his knowledge of sign language would come in handy. He just did not know it would take two years and in a way he never expected.

Like any high school student, Caleb was required to have some elective classes in his schedule. He was not interested in learning a foreign language or taking a music class. When he saw that sign language was an option, he thought it sounded interesting and different from all the other elective courses offered.

For two year he studied sign language. Surprisingly to him, he picked it up quite naturally. After high school and while deciding what do with his future, he took a job at Taco Bell.

One afternoon during his shift Caleb noticed a gentleman was attempting to order but was having a difficult time. Caleb realized the man was deaf and knew he could help the man out. He stepped forward and began conversing with the man in sign language.

Not only was the customer grateful for Caleb’s assistance but onlookers also noticed the exchange. Another customer caught Caleb’s act of kindness and posted it on Facebook. It has now gone viral.

Since the video came out, several more deaf customers have gone to Taco Bell to interact with Caleb. Caleb does not feel his act of kindness is any more extraordinary than another. He is just grateful he was there and able to help when someone needed him.

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