Mother Thinks Her Baby’s Gender Is A Surprise, Then Cuts The Cake And Sees The REAL Secret…

Gender reveal parties have become popular for many couples expecting a child. Often times the couples will find a fun way to reveal the gender, such as opening a box and revealing a pink or blue outfit or cutting into a cake and revealing a pink or blue cake under the frosting.

Last January, one Florida couple posted their gender reveal video and it had a huge surprise in it that caused the video to go viral. Soon-to-be new parents Anthony and Dinahleigh had a baker make them a special cake that they brought to a party with family and friends so that their baby’s gender could be revealed to everyone at once. Even the parents did not know what the gender would be.

Together Anthony and Dinahleigh cut into the cake and just as they were about to pull a slice out and reveal what color it was, Anthony stopped and reached into the middle of the cake to pull out a box.

He dropped to one knee in front of the woman carrying his child and opened the box, showing her the engagement ring he had hidden in their reveal cake. Dinahleigh couldn’t hold back her tears. She said yes, but had to put the ring on herself since Anthony’s hands were covered in cake! The party-goers were excited for the couple, congratulating them and snapping pictures of her new ring.

It turns out that the couple are having a son that they are naming Anthony Jr. Congratulations Dinahleigh and Anthony!

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