He Finds An Old Film Of Mom’s 1953 Wedding, But As He Looks Closer He Realizes…

He Finds An Old Film Of Mom’s 1953 Wedding, But As He Looks Closer He Realizes…

When Joe Smith was nineteen he bought himself a 1948 Plymouth Convertible. He was incredibly proud to travel around town with his lovely wife Beverly. The two met in high school and married soon after. Joe was drafted into the Korean War, and he and Beverly were forced to sell the car they loved. Their son Joel recalls many stories about that car that were told over the years. It was clear how much his parents had cherished it. Joel decided he wanted to give them back a piece of their past.

During a celebration for Joe and Beverly’s 60th wedding anniversary, a family member happened to come across old video of their wedding day. There was the Plymouth Convertible, decked out with streamers, driving the newlyweds off into the sunset. Joel was finally able to see the car and see how much his parents had loved it. In that moment Joe knew he needed to find that car again.

He relentlessly searched for a 1948 Plymouth Convertible. It did not take long for Joel to realize that it would not be easy to find the car, as it was not exactly in high demand. He happened to stumble upon four vehicles. One was already in a museum, and two of them had been sold. The remaining car belonged to an older man, who Joel found from an old ad in Craigslist. Surprisingly, the man still had the car and was willing to sell it to him.

The man was only the second owner, and the car was in great shape. With the help of close friends, Joel was able to store the car in a garage until the big reveal. When the car was ready Joel enlisted his son to complete the last part of his plan to surprise his parents.

Joel’s son occupied Joe and Beverly at their house until Joel could drive the car to them. Shortly before he arrived, he sent a text message telling his son to get ready. Video camera in hand, Joel’s son recorded his father driving up Joe and Beverly’s driveway in a beautiful, red 1948 Plymouth Convertible.

Joe and Beverly could not believe their eyes. This wonderful surprise from their son brought back all of the cherished memories of when they owned their car. Joe was overcome with emotion.

Joe and Beverly wasted no time in taking their new car for a spin. Driving around town, visiting the local Burger King, they felt young again. They loved the look of the car and how it made them feel. They could not have dreamed up a greater gift than this.

Now the car will be able to stay in the Smith family and be passed down to each generation. Family members will continue to hear the stories and Joel will make sure they understand how much they cherished that 1948 Plymouth Convertible.

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