Dog Sits Chained To A Barrel In The Dirt – 9 Years Later, She Recognizes a Familiar Face…

A dog sat chained to a barrel that was in the dirt. Roughly nine years later, the dog saw a familiar face. His reaction to his best friend is surprising, especially after not seeing the friend for so long.

Jessica Cochran found Edith when she was tied to a barrel outside. For several years, Jessica would visit the dog, giving her food, water and attention. With the help of PETA, Jessica was able to get the dog the essentials that she needed, such as a dog house, toys and a doghouse.

Edith moved from her home in 2014. Jessica didn’t know where the dog was moved to and had no way of finding out. A couple years later, someone from PETA found out where Edith was living. Jessica went to visit her friend, and Edith recognized her as soon as she saw her. The dog was even ready for more belly rubs.

The owners finally gave Edith to PETA so that she could have a good home. It was only fitting that Jessica took her in, giving her the love and nurturing that she needed. Both Jessica and Edith have adjusted well to someone new in the home, and the love they have for each other is a bond that isn’t likely to be broken.

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