Students Plan Janitor’s Surprise For Weeks – The Moment He Realizes What’s Going On Is GREAT!

Rocky has worked as a school custodian for many years. He has a thankless job. Not only is he committed to his job, but he also has a positive attitude. That is why students at Los Primeros School in California felt that he was long overdue for for a reward. The students decide to surprise him with something that he will likely always remember.

The students teamed up with an organization called Dude Be Nice. This is an organization that encourages people to treat others with respect. The students asked Rocky to come to the auditorium. They told him that someone had thrown up in the auditorium. When he walked in, he got the surprise of the life.

Rocky received a lot of candy from the students. He is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers, and a former player from the team attended the event. The students also chanted “We Love Rocky.”

They told him about how much they loved and appreciated everything thing that he had done for them. Rocky stated that he felt honored and blessed. The video of Rocky being honored by the students has been placed online. It has been viewed over 406,000 times.

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