Female Army Captain Collapses To The Ground – Watch How Her Fellow Soldiers Treat Her…

There are a lot of misconceptions about being in the military. Many people believe that anyone can be in the military. However, it takes a strong, dedicated and hard-working person to survive being in the military. Sarah Cudd, who recently earned a Expert Field Medical Badge, is an example of someone who has amazing strength and courage.

The Expert Field Medical Badge is an award that is given to people who pass difficult physical and medical tests. A 12-mile road march is the final part of the test. It is a grueling test that requires one to march while carrying a rifle and large pack. Sarah was exhausted from the day’s activities, but she continued to push until she got to the finish line.

The march to the finish line was not easy. Sarah even collapsed a few times before she made it to the finish line. However, there were other soldiers there who motivated and encouraged her. When Sarah heard the soldiers cheering her on, she knew that she could make it to the finish line.

She got back up and did not stop until she made it to the finish line. There were 45 other soldiers who tried for the Expert Field Medical Badge. Sarah was one of the few who earned it.

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