Trump’s Lifelong Butler: “We Should Nuke American Muslims and Hang Obama From A Mosque”

Trump’s Lifelong Butler: “We Should Nuke American Muslims and Hang Obama From A Mosque”

Ever since billionaire businessman Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, his campaign has been the source of a variety of controversial remarks. These comments have offended multiple demographics, yet he’s managed to defeat all his challengers and is considered the presumptive nominee when the party’s national convention takes place in July in Cleveland.

During this time frame, Trump has had to deal with equally inflammatory remarks made by both supporters and his staff. The most recent instance took place on May 11, when his former butler, Anthony Senecal, went on social media to express his hatred for President Obama.

Writing on Facebook, Senecal began by referring to Obama as “pus headed,” and stated that he should have been executed by the military during his first term for being an enemy agent.

Senecal then indicated that individuals he referred to as “elites,” were fearful of Trump becoming president because, in his words, their corruption would end. He then referred to former Secretary of State and Trump’s likely opponent in the November general election, Hillary Clinton, as a murderer. He also called Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders, as a communist.

Certain conservative groups have used similar language with regard to Clinton. She is considered at fault for the four American deaths that took place on September 11, 2012, when the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked.

Sanders, who has espoused Socialist principles during his campaign, has gotten a good deal of his support from young people. However, his critics have attacked him for trying to fundamentally change American society.

The post by Senecal is far from the first time he’s made his disgust with President Obama public in such dramatic fashion. In April 2015, Senecal referred to him as “sleezey,” (sic) for trying to what he considered to be outmaneuvering Congress, and stated that he should be hung for treason.

Senecal continued with more volatile remarks a month later, when he referred to Obama as a weak “Kenyan fraud” who again should be hanged after being dragged out of the “White Mosque.”

Trump entered the presidential race the following month, but Senecal continued with what others have called extremist views. Many links on his Facebook page are those that actively promote conspiracy theories. These include such concepts that Obama is leading the Muslim Brotherhood and that almost half of all America want a military coup to take place in the United States.

The comments by Senecal have been explosive enough that the Secret Service said that it plans to investigate the situation. This is standard procedure for threats of any kind that are directed at a president, his family or other officials under the Service’s protection.

Trump’s campaign issued a statement condemning the remarks, which was a change from previous controversies. Before, he has hinted at providing legal assistance to people arrested at his campaign rallies or advocating violence against protesters.

In addition, Trump has been severely criticized for using social media to pass on supporting comments from organizations that are considered racist. Senecal’s status as a former employee of Trump will likely be used by those critics to show the type of individuals that Trump will hire should he be elected.

The 74-year-old Senecal worked for Trump for nearly 30 years, including 17 years as his butler from 1992-2009. Since retiring, Senecal has served as an unofficial historian of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL. He also is employed by an antique dealer located in West Palm Beach.

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