Trump Embarrasses Himself BAD, Proving He Has NO IDEA What The “GI Bill” Is

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, yet he’s the presumptive candidate of the Republican Party and will most likely face Hillary Clinton in November elections. Sometimes, though, this real estate billionaire can embarrass himself or, at least, look like that to his liberal opponents.

When Donald says he supports the veterans, there’s no reason not to believe him. After all, most Americans support their veterans. When CNN asked him about what he feels about a bill to strip G.I. Bill from some funds, Donald couldn’t answer. Instead he mumbled about other issues, not directly related to the question.

So, there’s a suspicion that he doesn’t know what G.I. Bill stands for (which can be embarrassing for a candidate) or isn’t aware of the latest legislation in the congress (less embarrassing).

For those who don’t know what G.I. Bill is, here’s a brief overview. This bill was passed after World War II with the aim of benefiting military veterans. It offers low cost loans (including mortgages) as well tuition assistance (whether for college or vocational training). Back in 1940s, it had also provided one year of unemployment benefits to veterans returning from war.

Now, the G.I. Bil continues to benefit the veterans and acts as an encouragement to join the military.

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