They All Made Fun Of Her Prom Photos – Look At Her Dress When The Camera Pans Out…

Prom is an event that no teenager can forget, especially for the young women who put so much time and effort into preparations for the big night. Dramatic hair and makeup paired with the perfect dress and heels is enough to make any girl feel confident.

17-year-old Tayja Jones felt that beautiful confidence while attending her junior prom. She later posted a picture of herself to Facebook in her gorgeous prom dress. The photo went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

As Tayja walked out of her home with her date, her friends cheered for her. She enjoyed herself to the fullest at prom. Little did she know, the aftermath would be devastating. She received calls from her friends saying that her prom photo has received a lot of attention overnight. She took a look at the comments and was immediately hurt. The bullies made ruthless comments about her weight, putting a dent in Tayja’s self-confidence.

Since the incident, strangers from all around the globe have left uplifting comments for Tayja. They have complimented everything from her dress to her body type, encouraging her to maintain her confidence.

Tayja’s mother said that in the days that followed, Tayja was afraid to leave the house. She feared she would be judged by the public eye. Now Tayja says she slowly regaining some of the confidence she felt on prom night thanks to the thousands of commenters who continue to cheer her on.

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