Secretly Filmed: Caretaker Does The Unthinkable To 94-Year-Old Alzheimer’s Patient! SHOCKING!

For families with an elderly relative who needs full-time care, hiring a carer is a popular option. Carers, who usually have knowledge and experience with elderly care, can help take care of older adults and relieve stress for family members. Unfortunately, some caregivers are unqualified for the job and end up doing more harm than good. A shocking viral video shows a carer abusing an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s for no reason.

A neighbor reported to the elderly woman’s daughter that the carer was abusive, so the daughter set up a hidden camera. The 17-minute video shows a carer hitting, pushing, and kicking a 94-year-old woman. The video begins with the two both sitting on the couch and the carer paying little or no attention to the elderly woman. After a few minutes, the caretaker begins to slap the woman on the head and in the face.

She hits the woman in the face with a pillow, and a few minutes later, lays down on the couch and kicks the woman’s arm. The carer then stands and hovers over the elderly woman, appearing to yell or shout at her. A few minutes later, when the elderly woman tries to stand, the carer grabs and pulls her hair. The abuse continues for several more minutes until they both leave the room.

This shocking video has been viewed more than a million times since it was posted, and has received many responses from people offering their sympathy. The elderly woman in the video could not report what happened, because she forgot about the abuse due to her Alzheimer’s. If the daughter had not set up the camera, the carer would probably have continued to abuse her for months or years.

Most of the time, carers provide valuable help when taking care of the elderly. However, this video shows the importance of doing background checks when hiring a caretaker and using a camera to be aware of how they behave. Before hiring a caretaker for an elderly relative, especially one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the family members should interview the individual, ask for references, do a background check, and keep an eye on them while they take care of the older adult.

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