Trey Gowdy Is About To Learn His Fate And It’s Not Very Good News For Him…

Trey Gowdy and His Recent Acts on the Benghazi Committee

Trey Gowdy is a Republican that is in charge of leading the House Select Committee on Benghazi. However, back in October, the CIA discovered that he was changing various documents in an attempt to frame Hillary Clinton. Recently, Gowdy had a lawsuit placed against him for damages for defamation by Maj. Bradley Podliska, who was a former investigator that held a seat on the Benghazi committee. According to Maj. Bradley Podliska, he felt that he had been fired from the Benghazi committee staff illegally.

He also revealed various different things about what was going on in the committee. For instance, he stated that the committee’s focus, under Gowdy, was strictly focused on Hillary and not the Benghazi response, which is what it was designed to address. According to most people in Washington D.C., they feel that Gowdy should be held accountable for these crimes. He has committed various crimes that are capable of putting him in prison, and they want to see justice for his actions.

One thing that Gowdy did was turn the committee into a political campaign against Hillary Clinton. The big issue with this is the fact that the money that was used was completely given by taxpayers. Their budget was actually unlimited, and according to budget reports, they have actually spent $4.6 million, and all of these funds were focused on a campaign against Clinton.

A lot of people that pay attention to Trey Gowdy have labeled him as a hypocrite. He has stated multiple times that there are some things that should transcend politics, but in his actual work, he has done things that completely contradict this. Back in November of 2012, Gowdy actually released a press statement saying that the Obama administration was actually lying or misleading to the American people about everything that was going on in Benghazi.