DIY PROJECT: He Lines Up $35 In Pennies On An Old Table – The Result Is Gorgeous!

Refurbishing old furniture can help change the style of any home and breathe new life into classic pieces. While many people choose to stain, varnish or paint their wood furniture for a new look, trying different approaches can result in a unique piece of furniture that will change the look of any room. One couple used $35 in pennies to update their old, worn table. The result is a piece of furniture that has a shiny, penny top that gets the attention of all who see it.

They began with an old, circular dinner table. While the base of the table was sturdy, and the tabletop was made of all wood, it had become warped and scratched over time. They began their refurbishing by removing the trim from the table using a sharp chisel. Next, an orbital sander was used to level the table, removing the warped edges along with any major scratches and indentations. The table top is then laid on top of a half-inch sheet of plywood and traced.

Using a jigsaw, the plywood is carefully cut out, following the previously traced line. After spreading a generous layer of wood glue onto the worn tabletop, the plywood is carefully placed on top. A staple gun was then used to further secure the plywood. Next, the trim was evened up on the sides by using a sander and a saw, as necessary. The couple then re-used old window blinds in a new way as a trim for the table. They carefully laid the blinds onto the sides of the table and stapled into place, creating a lip for the new penny top.

All of the holes and cracks in the seams were caulked and then painted with a coat of satin black paint. The pedestal of the table was painted white to contrast the black top. After the paint had fully dried, 3,500 pennies were carefully arranged on the top surface by beginning on the outside of the table and working in toward the center. Surprisingly, the pennies don’t need to be glued down. After all of the pennies were arranged, a glaze kit was mixed together. The glaze was poured first into the center of the table and then in a ring outside of the center. Next, a wide, plastic scraper was used to gently spread the glaze by working from the center to the edges. The couple only had 15 minutes to work with the glaze before it began to dry.

After allowing it to dry overnight, the tabletop was complete and ready to use. The glaze had self-leveled and formed a strong layer that was equivalent to 70 coats of varnish. The result was a shiny, durable table that is completely unique. The next time you consider getting rid of an old piece of furniture, try refurbishing it with pennies first to make it look new once more.

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