Keep An Eye On Adam Levine’s Hands As He Sings ”Purple Rain”

Adam Levine is a popular vocalist all around the United States and planet. He’s the lead singer of the wildly famous pop rock act from Los Angeles “Maroon 5.” He was a guest at radio host Howard Stern’s sixtieth birthday celebration back in 2014. Many celebrities were in attendance at the star-studded affair. Stern’s birthday was a big event. The most unforgettable part of the event, however, was probably when Levine performed Prince’s 1984 musical sensation “Purple Rain.” Levine’s take on Purple Rain was genuinely breathtaking.

Music icon Prince passed away recently. The staff members who work for “The Howard Stern Show” opted to post Levine’s stunning performance on the Internet soon after the legend left the planet. They chose to do this to honor the singer.

The San Francisco roots rock act “Train” participated in Levine’s awesome tribute. Despite that, Levine still managed to take most of the limelight. People are familiar with Levine’s amazing pop voice, but most people probably aren’t as aware of the fact that he’s extremely skilled with the guitar as well. Purple Rain’s famed guitar solo, after all, is far from simple. You can’t exactly master that guitar solo unless you’re immensely talented and experienced with the instrument. Levine clearly is those things. The music star made the solo seem effortless and simple. It was truly a sight to behold. Seeing someone genuinely own a classic tune in this way is definitely not common.

The video clip “The Howard Stern Show” staff posted on the Internet shows Levine’s wonderful performance in full. People who want to check the aforementioned guitar solo out specifically, however, can choose to begin watching the clip at 3:45. That’s roughly the second the guitar solo begins.

Prince has been such a major influence to so many entertainers all around the globe. It’s hard to find an entertainer who hasn’t been moved by Prince in some way. Adam Levine is just one example of an immensely talented entertainer who has been motivated to do good work by Prince. Prince exited the planet on April 21st in 2016. Levine spoke with People magazine soon after that. He informed the magazine that his fantastic experiences with the performer would remain strong in his memories. He also informed the publication that he’d never forget how Prince always made the decision to go about things in a manner that was distinctive to him. He stated that Prince never ever seemed to be compelled to be like other people. Levine lastly stated that Prince was a focused individual who never allowed other people to discourage his creative force. Levine indicated that all of these qualities were so important to him as an up-and-coming musician.

Prince has meant so much to so many musicians everywhere. He has also meant so much to music lovers the world over. He’s genuinely been a muse for many generations. So many people have grown up listening to his amazing tracks. “When Dove’s Cry” is just one example of Prince’s many famed and beloved tunes. Although Prince is no longer with the planet, he’ll undoubtedly remain a major musical force for many, many generations. There are people who haven’t even been born yet who are going to be enjoying Prince’s musical contributions for decades.

Prince is one of the most beloved musical artists of all time. He can no longer release new music to the world. What he’s already released, however, is definitely enough to make people happy for years and years. Prince is definitely a musical artist people are never going to forget. The man is and was a legend.

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